Fakarava is the number two largest atoll in the French Polynesia (Rangiroa is the largest.) Fakarava is approximately one hour from Tahiti by plane, and 35 minutes from Rangiroa. Fakarava measures approximately 60 km in length and 25 km in width, forming a 1500 square km lagoon. The lagoon is rectangular, and the crown consists of several islands.

Fakarava has two main villages: Rotova, the village closest to the airport, is on the north east side of Fakarava. The other village, Tetamanu, is towards the south end of the atoll, was the village which used to be the main village.

This atoll, plus the six other nearby islands, is together called the Unesco Classified Nature Reserve. The reserve is a collection of islands that has their own ecosystem, filled with rare flora and fauna rarely seen in other parts of the world. Some examples are sea cicadas, the hunting king-fisher, and squills. Many of these species are considered so rare that they need preservation and protection.

Things to Do in Fakarava.

Some of the things to do and see on Fakarava include visiting pearl farms, seeing the sea slug smoke house, as well as one of the first Catholic churches that was every constructed on a coral. The Tetamanu Sauvage near the Tetamanu village offers several magnificent pink sand peaches for your enjoyment.

Scuba divers will be joyed to hear that the atoll features the rare tiger and hammer-headed sharks, in addition to manta rays, barracudas, meru, and loach.

The island features some 400 residents and several hundred tourists every year.

For a relaxing vacation, and a date with some of the richest sealife in the world, why not visit Fakarava in your next vacation?



Photo Courtesy Tahiti Tourisme
(Copyright Didier ALPINI) Photo: Fakarava motu
(Copyright Alexis-rosenfeld.com) Photo: Fakarava Fisches