Manihi was the beginning of the pearl revolution for the Tuamotu islands. This was the first site for pearl farming and is still to this day affectionately named the “pearl island.” Manihi is the home and originator of the highly valued “Polynesian Black Perl.” Pearl farming has now become a multi-million dollar industry, which, thanks to the Manihi Island, has generated much profit for the Tuamotu islands.

Manihi and its surrounding waters are well known for the amazing volume and diversity of the fish there. The seabed has an exceptionally high quality of fauna and flora, which attracts all kinds of fish from neighboring waters.

For divers, it’s like heaven underwater.

Once out of the water, travelers can visit one of the numerous pearl farms scattered over the island. You can also dine at various different restaurants, from extravagant to simple family restaurants.

Manihi, The Island of Pearls.

The island of Manihi also offers many other enjoyable activities for travelers and tourists. Light tackle fishing, windsurfing, and sailing for example. Flightseeing and sunset cruises are also available.

Manihi also features several high-end, luxurious hotels, as well as simple, single family rooms.

Manihi has two main cities, Paeua and Turipaoa. Paeua is the chief village, while Turipaoa is another important destination. Even with these two cities combined, the island has less than 800 inhabitants. There are very few cars on the island, so walking around the island, the city, and the waters is as romantic and beautiful as the lagoon itself.

Come visit Manihi for a taste of real Polynesian culture and history, see how pearl farming works firsthand, and enjoy a pleasurable, relaxing stay.



Photo Courtesy Tahiti Tourisme
(Copyright Philippe Bacchet) Photo: Motu in Manihi
(Copyright Raymond Sahuquet) Photo: Manihi pearl farms