The Marquesas, a beautiful series of 12 islands, were once known as “Te henua Enata” – Or “The Land of Men.” The islands, located about 1000 miles northeast of Tahiti, were first found by Spanish explorers back in 1595.

The islands were originally formed volcanically, and have since been eroded to the shape we now know today. The tallest mountains tower over the islands at over 4000 feet. In addition to its mountains, the islands also sport deep valleys, sharp cliffs, beaches of volcanic sand, and dangerous waters. Because of these conditions, only 6 out of the 12 islands are currently inhabited.

At one point, the Marquesas Islands were inhabited by over 80,000 people. Unfortunately, various diseases brought in by outside countries drastically cut this numbers.

The Untouched Natural Place.

Archeologists believe that the Marquesas natives were originally settled about 2,225 years ago. Unfortunately, most of the culture of the original inhabitants were lost or overridden when the Spanish took over.

The Marquesas is now part of the French Polynesia. The original inhabitants of this island are considered some of the most advanced in Polynesia culture. The people of the Marquesas Islands had their own unique language, and also had their own style of carving. They also invented tattooing long before it was available to the western world.

Today, the Marquesas is one of the few untouched natural places in the world. Almost always shrouded in beautiful clouds, the wild and luscious forests, the dark lava rocks, and the turquoise oceans make this one of the most beautiful places in the world.



Photo Courtesy Tahiti Tourisme
(Copyright Philippe Bachet) Photo: Marquesas Tapa
(Copyright Frederic Payet) Photo: Nuku Hiva Horses