Raiatea & Tahaa – These two islands are really only separated by a little bit of water and share a common coral reef. It is thought that at one time, they were one and the same island. If you love sailing, this is the Tahitian area that you should visit and you can make a quick sailing trip to the island of Bora Bora from here.

Taha’a, the “Vanilla Island,” offers a seemingly magical peek into the lives of the Tahitians. The, savory smells of vanilla waft through the air as you coast along the fourty-two mile road along the coast, peppered with small mountains and local villages. Taha’s is right next to Raiatea, the “Sacred Island.”


There are many sights and experiences to be had on the beautiful islands of Taha’a’s and Raiatea.

Vanilla Tours. The “black gold” plant that Taha’a is most known for: Vanilla. Taha’s is responsible for over eighty percent of Tahiti’s Vanilla export. There are numerous tours of these plantations available, along with demonstrations of the process of pollinating and producing vanilla.

Coral Reefs & White Sand Beaches

Many coral reefs along Taha’s have great spots for picnics. Also, the beautiful and silky white sand beaches are a great a great place to take a walk, get a tan, read a book, or just relax.

Rent Your Own Island

Taha’a is surrounded by many small islands that are available for rent. You can have an entire island to enjoy by yourself or with your loved ones.

Water Sports & Activities

Both Taha’a and Raiatea offer exciting water sports, such as jet skiing, snorkeling, and scuba diving. The many coral reefs around the islands offer great sights and adventures for divers.

Aside from the many tourist activities, there are also many small villages you can explore. On Raiatea is the town of Utoroa, which has many interesting and unique “mom and pop” shops, as well as arts and crafts by local artists.


Photo Courtesy Tahiti Tourisme
(Copyright Thierry Zysman) Photo: Motu and Raiatea lagoon