Rangiroa is the world’s second-largest atoll (ring of islands surrounding a lagoon.) From the air, the ring of islands seems almost like a goddess’s necklace, laid upon the sea in a beautiful arrangement of green and blue.

Lucky travelers who’ve seen the beauty of Rangiroa won’t soon forget the vibrant colors of the islands. From emerald to deep blue, Rangiroa offers an amazing sight to see, both from the air and with the naked eye.
Rangiroa is surrounded by two majestic oceans, the Moana-tea (the “Peaceful Ocean”) and the moana-uri (the “Wild Ocean.”)

Rangiroa is made up of over 240 small islets known as motus, separated by over 100 hoa, the little channels of water that consist of Rangiroa’s coral ring. The middle of the gigantic lagoon in the middle o Rangiroa is called the Paio motu.

Rangiroa, one of the greatest dive spot in the world.

Rangiroa provides many enjoyments both on land and water. In the sea, Rangiroa offers some of the greatest dives in the world. On land, Rangiroa offers great restaurants, quaint little shops, as well as local arts and craft centers.

Rangiroa has two main cities, Avatoru and Tiputa. Avatoru, the main city, offers a post office, two churches, as well as the Perl Culture and Crafts Center. The Mayor’s office and other governmental buildings for the island are also located in Avatoru.

The two cities are linked with a tar road that grants easy access for residents and tourists.

If you’d like to experience one of the greatest aquatic wonders of the world, come to Rangiroa. You won’t be disappointed.


Photo Courtesy Tahiti Tourisme
(Copyright Raymond Sahuquet) Photo: Rangiroa activities
(Copyright Philippe Bacchet) Photo: Motu in Rangiroa