Tahiti used to be a vacation paradise that was limited to the rich and famous. In more recent years, however, the islands have really opened up availability for a variety of different vacation getaways. Although Tahiti will always be remote to many areas of the world, it has become a little more accessible because of some of the amenities that are now available. The only difficult part you’re going to have is deciding which island you’re going to actually visit.

Tahiti is the largest island in French Polynesia. Many individuals consider this to be a stopover area whenever they are visiting other islands but don’t be so quick to leave if you have a bit of time to stay. This particular island has a lot to offer in the way of vacation pleasures and interesting places to visit.

Reasons to Take a Vacation in Tahiti.

For world travelers all over the globe, the word “Tahiti” brings up images of beaches, paradise, and adventure. Tahiti is located in the southern end of the Pacific Ocean, and is one of the biggest islands of French Polynesia. Thousands of tourists travel to Tahiti every year to explore the spectacular sights and exciting adventures the island offers. Some of these include surfing and water sports, festivals, and unique tourist activities.Tahiti is an amazing place to visit, especially if you like water sports, such as surfing, snorking, and scuba diving. Tahiti’s has perfect waves of surfing, and top notch instructors to boot. For scuba diving, the sights are simply amazing. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, Tahiti guarantees a new experience.There are many festivals that are celebrated in Tahiti. Some of these are in Tahiti’s villages, while others are celebrated in more prominent cities. One of these festivals, the Heiva Festival, is celebrated at the capital of Tahiti, a city called Papeete. For travelers, these festivals are both a blast to be at, and a unique peek into Tahiti culture.Tahiti also has several very unique tourist activities for you to enjoy. Some of these include exploring archeological sites or tours through tropical rainforests. You can stay at an over-water bungalow, or even go on a safari. You can visit a volcanic mountain, or go for a hike in through beautiful, natural, and untainted forests.Tahiti offers experiences, sights, and sounds that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Travelers all over the world have recognized Tahiti as a place of adventure and beauty.



Moorea – This island is visible from the island of Tahiti and is easily accessible by ferry. If you see this island from above, it’s somewhat resembles a fork. If you take the time to visit this beautiful land, make sure that you pay particular attention to the bays that make up the two forks. They truly are an amazing sight.Moorea is a tropical island only 30 minutes away from Tahiti by ferry and 15 minutes by air. It’s known to many travelers as a gigantic, beautiful natural garden. From its white and black sand beaches, to its luscious rain forests, to the natural waterfalls, Moorea offers sights and sounds not found anywhere else in the world.

Moorea is surrounded on every side by coral reefs. Often times, dolphins and whales are attracted to the coast of Moorea. Other water activities, such as snorkeling and scuba diving, will reveal unbelievable underwater sights.

Vacationing in Moorea

On the mainland itself are tall and majestic mountains. Hikes through these mountains will reveal beautiful, untainted rain forests, roaring waterfalls and canals, and many other sights. Moorea’s also known for its white and black sand beaches, a rare phenomenon anywhere in the world. It’s no exaggeration to say that Moorea’s beaches are some of the most beautiful in the world.

Not only is Moorea a beautiful sight to see, it also has a magnificent history. On a lookout in the mountains of Moorea, is a view of the island that was once only available to the gods.

The island itself is filled with lore and Polynesian history. In fact, Moorea has been likened to James Michener’s mythological island of Bali Ha’i.

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing break for yourself, a beautiful honeymoon spot for you and your lover or you’re simply planning your vacation from Tahiti, Moorea will not disappoint. Come to Moorea and experience the amazing sights, sounds, and magic of the island.


Photo Courtesy Tahiti Tourisme
(Copyright Jalil Sekkaki) Photo: Hiking group in front of one of the 3 Waterfalls “Faarumai”
(Copyright Tim McKenna) Photo: Lagoon Boat activities
(Copyright Dolphin Center) Photo: Dolphin Center at the Hotel Intercontinental Resort Moorea
(Copyright Raymond Sahuque) Photo: Air Moorea flying over Moorea