Tikehau (meaning peace, “to be at peace,”) is an atoll in a true sense of the word. The island was formed when the underwater coral rose above the ocean, then was slowly eroded by Mother Nature, leaving the atoll the way we know it now.

The island of Tikehau is littered with coconut palms, beautiful sands, crystal clean water, and gorgeous sands and beaches. The lagoon in the center of the atoll measures approximately 27 km in length, and 19 km in width. The entire coral reel is nearly continuous.

Tikehau is located about 300 km northwest of Tahiti, 35 km from Matavia, and 12 km from Rangiroa. The largest village in Tikehau is the village of Tuherahera, a small town full of flowers. There are two other villages nearby, Tuheiava, the “marine village,” which houses many fishermen who fish off the lagoon, also sells fresh fish for travelers. Maiaia is the other nearby village, which produces coprah.

An aquarium-free marine life.

The rich fauna of the island draws schools of beautiful fish, sharks, and manta rays to the island’s waters. Tikehau is a popular diving spot because of the various beautiful sea-lives in the nearby seabed.

Tikehau also draws tourists because of their incredible beaches. If you enjoy mile after mile of soft pink sand to sink your feet into, or sparkling clean turquoise water to enjoy a swim in, you will absolutely love Tikehau.

Although Tikehau is a small island (only 600-some inhabitants,) it’s refreshing and clean beaches, and its amazing aqua-life draws tourists from all over the world. Why not explore this beautiful island on your next vacation?



Photo Courtesy Tahiti Tourisme
(Copyright Philippe Bacchet) Photo: Tikehau beach
(Copyright Eric Pasquier) Photo: Beach and lagoon of Tikehau