If you like the sea, the paradise of the French Polynesian islands will be even more of a paradise. The sea is beautiful, full of sea life, and you will have so much fun with adventures on the sea.

First there is scuba diving. Whether you are a beginner or a pro at scuba diving, French Polynesia is the ideal place to scuba dive for all levels. The great thing about diving in French Polynesia, is it is great all year round. You can come and scuba dive at anytime. There is no on or off or best season.

Snokeling is another fun water adventure. The turquoise waters of French Polynesia are perfectly suited for snorkeling. It’s recommended you bring your own snorkeling equipment to ensure they fit right and work well. There are so many places perfect for snorkeling among the islands. You can ask a local or tour guide for the best spots.

Swimming with sea tortoises is an amazing eco sea adventure that you will never forget. How many people get to go swimming with sea tortoises? Be sure to bring one of those under water cameras (you can get disposable ones for cheap) to take pictures to show everyone back home of you up close swimming with the giant tortoises.

Besides swimming with the tortoises, you can also swim in the ocean, lagoons, or swimming pools.

You can also go sailing. Sailing is a very popular activity in Tahiti. You will find world class sailing in French Polynesia as well as marine tours and private boat chartering. There are many marinas in Tahiti as well as a deep water harbor in Papeete. Tahiti has everything the sailor needs including sailing shops, repairs, and even a yacht club.

Surfing is another fun water sport you can enjoy in French Polynesia. There are even surfing schools in Papeete. Tahiti has many popular surfing areas. The best ones are on the open ocean entryways to a lagoon. There are many surf shops in Tahiti where you can buy surfing gear.

Tahiti is home to a large variety of sharks and there are shark feedings you can watch or participate in. The sharks of French Polynesia are not as aggressive as the sharks elsewhere. Make sure it does not go against shark feeding rules.

If you are in French Polynesia from July to October, go to Rurutu and watch the Humpback whales and listen to their singing. Every year the humpback whales migrate to Rurutu and give birth to baby whales.

Kiteboarding is the new and hot water sport to reach French Polynesia. Tahiti offers the best conditions for kiteboarding.

You can also kayak and water ski. There is no shortage for the adventurous traveler to have tons of fun in the beautiful, turquoise, French Polynesian waters.